Mellevon @ Piranha Bar, May 17th, 2017

Wednesday, May 17 brought us the return of Mellevon to the stage. After a year of being absent from touring, Mellevon brought some newer elements to the table, with their stage and presence.

Upon arriving on stage, it was obvious they changed their image is as a band, went going a more industrial metal look for showmanship, with black vests and corpse paint on their faces. The most interesting thing to note is their new stage setup where they had old-school CRT televisions displaying visual counterparts with the lyrics on them, which was pretty sick to see.

Even though there was no bassist nor drummer, it was interesting to see how they would perform live with a drum machine. It was flawless and well executed with the style they had, and how everything was on stage. The backgrounds really enhanced the atmosphere of the performance itself, though what was missing was a crazy light show, like Meshuggah's; that would have been crazy synced up with the music!

Overall, Mellevon's performance was absolutely astounding and interesting, with their new unique setup and how they play their shows. It's a good thing that will keep them going for a while.

The newer song "Cyberia" had a very catchy chorus and heavy breakdowns, unlike I have heard before, and had a feel for different seasons in the lyrics. "Horizons" was also another new song they played, and also has a unique spin towards metal music. Never had I heard such a unique and different sound in a song before.

I find that Mellevon is always trying to break the boundaries of the metal genre with every new release. That being said, the new album title was also revealed that night, Covet, and what I can already gather from it is that it has different feel, and the theme feels like it could be different seasons for the songs of the album.

I am very happy I went to this show, and that I am looking forward to the new release that Mellevon is putting out hopefully soon.