Medical Funding, Alleged Sexual Assault, Banned Publication

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The federal government is threatening to cut medical funding for Quebec.
Quebec allows residents to pay for private healthcare while maintaining public coverage. 
This year, Ottawa allocated $6.2 billion to fund Quebec's healthcare.  
Legault told reporters that Quebec "will not be dictated to by the federal government"
A boy in one of Toronto's private Catholic Schools has been the victim of an alleged sexual assault. 
St. Michael's College School was notified but didn't call the police.
The victim is allegedly shown to have been the victim of severe bullying in a video that has been circulated around the school. 
The police were not made directly aware of the incident until contacted by the media. 
Another national
The federal government has permanently banned a publication based on complaints of hate speech.
Your Ward News will no longer be able to use Canada Post to distribute their publication. 
According to the complaints, Your Ward News promotes sexism and antisemitism.