Measles Alert, New Ad Campaigns Targeting Cannabis, Diverse Civic Engagement in Ontario

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Montreal public-health authorities are concerned about a possible proliferation of measles cases and are warning doctors to be on the lookout for people with measles symptoms.

According to CBC, Montreal's public health agency has reached out to patients potentially exposed to measles after a woman infected with the virus visited two medical clinics in the city last week during the contagious period of her illness.

All Montrealers experiencing symptoms are urged to call a healthcare facility and are advised to stay away from school, work, or any other social settings.



Following the Quebec government’s plans to increase the legal age of cannabis access to 21, the Quebec government introduced a new ad campaign aimed at focusing attention on the potential risks of non-therapeutic cannabis use.

Targeting Quebec youth, the campaign employed exaggerated depictions of cannabis risks including comically elongated necks and displaced ears followed by taglines stating “There’s no way cannabis can do this. But the risks are real and it’s not worth the risk”.

Many Canadians on social media criticized the exceptional depictions used in the ads. Some comments mentioned the fact that such campaigns are reminiscent of US conservative  anti-marijuana commercials and public service announcements from the 80s.



Part of CivicAction, a civic engagement organization in Canada, the DiverseCity Fellows program has been providing engaging programming for emerging and under-represented leaders.

Due to the lack of diversity of identities in Ontario’s decision-making tables, the program has appointed 30 individuals from diverse cultures enabling them to become better leaders and create change in their communities.

Individuals are selected for their leadership abilities, authenticity, and community contribution. Among the newly appointed individuals of the program is a Syrian refugee chosen to consult employment opportunities for other newcomers.