McGill Professor resigns over university's refusal to divest fossil fuels, Quebec government reduces moose hunting allowances

Stories by: Luca Caruso-Moro



A McGill professor has resigned after the university announced it would not divest from fossil fuels.   

Gregory Mikkelson, who teaches philosophy of biology and environmental ethics resigned after the university refused to divest for the third time in the last 20 years.

Nearly 9 per cent of McGill’s investment pool is in fossil fuels, according to an internal watchdog report.



Quebec has reduced moose hunting allowances in de la Vérendrye réserve by 30 per cent.

It’s a partial answer to the calls of the Algonquin Anishinabeg Nation Tribal Council, who have been calling for a complete moratorium since the summer.

De la Vérendrye is about 2 hours north of Ottawa.

The Quebec government announced plans to monitor the moose population this summer.