McGill College Redevelopment, CAQ Support, Haitian Deportations Halted

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McGill College Avenue could be the next street to get a facelift in the city. Montreal’s Public Consultation Office recommends narrowing the street to two lanes to create a pedestrian plaza.

This move is one of the Plante administrations many ideas to make the city less car-centric. The idea was first announced in August but the city waited for a public consultation before moving forward with the project.

The possible changes would include widening the already large sidewalks from President-Kennedy to Sainte-Catherine. The project would take advantage of other developments in the area such as the McGill REM Station and the Sainte-Catherine redevelopment.  


The CAQ may have won a majority last election but their ideas may not be as popular as they might have thought. A new study shows that it was a desire for change that led to victory rather than their electoral promises.

55 per cent of their voters said they voted for change. Only 17 per cent said they voted because they liked the CAQ platform. The Liberal and Quebec Solidaire voters were much more enthused by their party’s ideas. Around a third of them voted because they supported the platform.

The CAQ also has considerable opposition to it’s main ideas from its base. Around 40 per cent do not support its major promise to reduce immigration.


Canada is halting all deportations to Haiti due to the ongoing crisis in the caribbean nation. The island has seen violent protests in the past week calling for the resignation of President Jovenel Moise.
Ottawa has also updated it’s travel advisory to Haiti. It recommends Canadians avoid travelling to the country. Canada is currently working to get any Canadians out of Haiti. The Canadian embassy in Port-au-Prince will remain closed but consular services are still available by phone or email