Lydia Ainsworth - Right From Real - Pt. I

Starting off with a flurry of strings supported by quiet electronics on EP opener "Candle", composer and singer Lydia Ainsworth's sound can immediately grab any potential listener. Her debut EP, Right From Real - Pt. I (Arbutus Records, June 2014), defies any sort of conventional categorization. The prominent violins may initially call to mind Joanna Newsom's earlier work, while the warm infusion of electronica and experimental structures might remind one of Björk and Bat for Lashes. Ultimately though, this is Lydia Ainsworth's work, and the influences here meld together to form something distinct, unique, and quite her own.

Combining genres and instruments is immediately appealing on paper, but is incredibly difficult to pull off at the risk of sounding too calculated or cold. Right From Real - Pt. I never falls under that trap, and there is a looseness and lightness to the music that exudes warmth and a sense of effortlessness. By the third track and album stand-out "Malachite", ghostly harmonies and pulsing synths create a deeply layered listening experience. What's telling about this record, at only four songs long, is the great diversity any listener would pick up on throughout its short running time. It warrants repeated listening for all of sonic details and the creative structural musical compositions, which alone are quite an accomplishment.
Best For: Thoughtful and inquisitive brainstorming. Comedown music after what I can just assume will be a devastating Game of Thrones finale.
Rating: 4/5


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