Love for Le Cagibi

As you may have heard, local venue and alternative community hot spot Le Cagibi is having to move due to a big rent increase. Well, Josh from The Neighbourhood (Wednesdays from 5-6pm) hosted a 2-hour Love for Le Cagibi special yesterday where some good friends and talented musicians called in to share their favourite memories of of the space! 

Guests included: Pamela Hart​, Ali Levy (Ada Lea), Thanya Iyer, AP Bergeron (Year of Glad & Saxsyndrum), Justin Wright, Amanda Kempf (Rose Bush & Lola Six), Justin Lazarus (Look Vibrant), Sara-Danielle, Eric Seguin (Raveen), Brigitte Naggar (Common Holly), Wesley MacNeil (Pallice) and Jesse Speed

You can listen to the full special on SoundCloud below. Also, look to the decription for time markers, so you can skip to particular guests.

Lastly and most importantly, please consider donating to Le Cagibi's GoFundMe Campaign so that they can afford to move to a new location and continue their work as an invalauble community space!