Looking Closer at Montreal's Homeless with I Might Be Dead by Tomorrow

I Might Be Dead by Tomorrow (Tant que j’ai du respir dans le corps) from Canadian director Steve Patry is an urgent documentary set in Montreal about homelessness and the frontline workers that look out for this marginalized group. Through this unfiltered lens Patry follows the lives of several people who live or used to live on the street, while giving them a voice through this documentary. While most of us have not interacted with the outside world throughout most of 2020, the pandemic makes it twice as challenging for those living on the street, especially at night with the cold dark freezing conditions here in Montreal. However, Patry’s film helps show us how frontline workers, including the police, crisis intervention, and medical workers, invest their time with the homeless - whether that means taking them in or just listening to their issues.

The film will be a part of Cinéma Moderne’s virtual cinema repertoire starting Dec. 4. Not only is this film an important documentary but it’s a great way to support a local movie theatre during the pandemic. For more information about how you can help out during this season of need here are a few organizations that are always looking for donations during this time of year:

- CARE Montreal

- Dans la Rue

- Welcome Hall Mission

- Old Brewery Mission

- Open Door