Look Vibrant Performs One Last Time at POP Montreal

The night at The Diving Bell Social Club was set to be a big deal, it was Montreal’s very own Look Vibrant’s last show during the POP Montreal International Music Festival. A funky weird strange and transformative band that was constantly changing its skin, released their new album, Cherish Everything; a cumulative album of all the human stories and souls that inspired the band members. While this was Look Vibrant’s last show, they promised to be back with new music in the future.

The night started out with Poppies, a New York City band which Fader Magazine accurately describes as “delicious guitar angst for friends”. Alexia Avina’s beautiful and moving set gave me a heart chakra-yoga teacher vibe. Alexia sat on the stage with her guitar surrounded by distorters and synths. Her music carried you on a gentle breeze through the cloud time-lapse projection playing behind her. She was so captivating, that the entire audience sat down on the dusty floor and swayed to her music. I was about the cry the whole time. 

LAPS, the third band to perform, was a total vibe change and blew me away. Very weird and cool, but different and interesting music. They sounded like an original mix of Siouxsie and the Banshees, early Sleater-Kinney, and Talking Heads. Each of their songs had many layers to it and would change halfway through, keeping the attention of the audience. LAPS is from Montreal and released their new album, Soon Not Often In It, last May. 

Finally, the band that everyone was waiting for took the stage. Look Vibrant’s last time on stage, for the foreseeable future, definitely fulfilled what artist’s want for a closing ceremony. They played many songs off of their new album, Cherish Everything, and spent good chunks of time between songs to talk to the audience about the story of the band. The important meanings behind some of their songs were discussed during the show as well, including a story of a migrant having to leave their son in their home country, a mother’s death, and experiencing violence at a young age. Look Vibrant grew into their role as artists by bringing light to important issues through experimenting with sound and rhythm. They will be missed.

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