LOCKED OUT FRINGE SPECIAL: Interview with Of Mud and Mirth!

On Wednesday, June 8th, Sam Obrand from CJLO's Jonny and Cupcakes and Patricia Petit Liang from Fatal Attraction teamed up for a surprise interview with the wildly charming, hilarious and sometimes musical sketch comedy troupe: Of Mud and Mirth! Jillian Welsh,Tyler Morgan, Andrew Harris, Cameron LaPrairie and Alexandra Best came to promote their St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival masterpiece Rocket to Fame! Rocket to Fame is a 60 minute sketch comedy revue that was workshopped at Second City as part of the Conservatory program, and boldly goes where no show has gone before. These are the voyages of five voracious comedians. Their mission: escaping high school detention, avoiding awkward tinder dates, and trying to describe their Fringe show without using the word millennial.

Listen to their interview RIGHT NOW for a full hour of laughs!

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