Lime's PR Campaign, Trudeau Launches The Federal Election Campaign, Netanyahu's Annexation Plan

Ahmad Moujtahed




The electric-scooter service Lime is urging its users to reach out to Mayor Valerie Plante and other councillors responsible for urban mobility, and tell them how much they appreciate the electric scooters. 

The company has embarked on this step to keep its business prospects alive in Montreal, according to the Gazette. The e-scooter sharing service started in Montreal as a pilot project a month ago. The city of Montreal has been dissatisfied with the improperly parked vehicles which are often left out of bounds on sidewalks and in parks. 

To encourage proper usage, Lime requires riders to take a picture of where they parked their e-scooter at the end of their ride. However, non-compliant users are not fined as the photos are only used for analytical purposes.

The e-scooter pilot project runs until November 15, after which the city will decide whether or not to renew Lime’s permit next spring. 



Justin Trudeau: “We’ve done a lot together these past four years, but the truth is, we’re just getting started. So Canadians have an important choice to make. Will we go back to the failed policies of the past, or will we continue to move forward? That’s the choice. It’s that clear and its that important…” 

With these words, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau triggered the official launch of the federal election campaign. Trudeau arrived at Rideau Hall in Ottawa to ask Gov. Gen. Julie Payette to dissolve Parliament, launching the 43rd general election campaign. The vote is to be held on October 21st.

Trudeau immediately faced questions about the lingering SNC-Lavalin scandal that could cut support for his Liberal Party. He side-stepped any questions related to that file.



Arab leaders have denounced Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to annex large areas of Palestinian territories, calling it a stunt that would “kill all chances for peace”.

Netanyahu said he would permanently annex a third of the West Bank if he gets re-elected. He made the announcement in front of a large map showing Israeli sovereignty extending over the vast majority of the Jordan Valley.

The international community considers Israeli settlements illegal under international law. The annexation would put an end to fading hopes for a Palestinian state.