Legault urges caution, lockdown continues in some areas as Quebec hits 2 million vaccine doses" QC COVID-19 update

Luca Caruso-Moro




More people are eligible to get their COVID-19 vaccinations starting Wednesday. 

For this round, certain essential workers at high risk and some Quebecers with chronic health conditions can book an appointment starting Wednesday. 

A full list is available on the province’s website. 

On Tuesday, Quebec’s vaccine rollout his a major milestone of 2 million vaccine doses. 

That's nearly a quarter of the province. 

Meanwhile, lockdowns in Quebec City, Outaouais and Chaudiere appalache will continue another week. 

Non-essential businesses and schools are staying closed. The curfew will remain at 8 p.m.

And yes, after confusion around the new masks rules, Legault confirmed Tuesday that if you’re with people who are not in your bubble, you need to mask, even outside. 

This as concerns of variants push lawmakers to maintain and tighten COVID-19 restrictions. 

Legault said half of new arrivals in hospital for the virus are under 60 years old.

He called on people to continue to limit their social interactions.