Lea's Late Nite Quarantine Jams

If you’re looking for a playlist to listen to late at night, look no further than Lea’s Late Nite Quarantine playlist. If you’re not to sure about the playlist, check out this track-by-track breakdown.

"COME THRU" - Joji

Joji — aka Filthy Frank, aka Pink Guy — established himself as our YouTube generation’s multifaceted early adopter, finally graduating to music in 2015 and dropping alt-hit after alt-hit on his debut EP. On Come Thru—from the 2017 drop Ballads 1—  his croony, pseudo-falsetto performance makes for a pill-popping, late nite party jam whose hook truly comes thru.

"deep end" - Lykke Li

Swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool, swimming pool. I’m in it, I’m in it, I’m in it. Divin’ in it, divin’ in it. This infectious dream pop bop by Sweden’s very own Lykke Li. It quarantines itself into the cavities of your skull and builds a home, replaying on loop in your mind until you can’t remember the rest of the lyrics.

"Glimmer" - Tame Impala

Kevin Parker describes this stunning, metallic highlight as “A glimmer of hope, a twinkle. Fleeting, but unmistakable. Promising.” Crank the bass up! This cool house track is great for nighttime parties of one, complete with a Tatcha mask, a (small) glass of wine and maybe half a Xan.

"Resonance" - HOME

This track is found on every Simpson/Vaporwave YouTube video — but especially the one with Bart driving into the sunset (if you know, you know) — and sparks feelings of summer nostalgia, Mont-Royal nights and walks through La ville éphémère. Quarantine tip: fall into a YouTube rabbit hole of explanation videos on why the repetitive electro track is reminiscent of slick 80s synths and your favourite childhood ice cream place.

"PUFF LAH" - Kaytranada

Montreal’s favourite chill house beatmaker is at his best on "PUFF LAH", off the December 2019 EP, Bubba. While Kaytra can craft catchy alt-pop and R&B on the collaborative joints, he shines on his instrumentals, as evidenced by the 2018 Soundcloud drop, "Nothin Like U / Chances" — arguably some of his best. You can listen to the entirety of this 4-minute beat and it feels like a comprehensive song, even with its simple, repetitive sound. 


Boiler Room’s 2017 breakout electro K-pop composer and pro Drake-coverer is back with her first drop of 2020. She brings back mellow, chill house vocals and a beat perfect for a late night creative sesh. The pop-rap track is reminiscent of Tumblr favourite, raingurl, but with more anime.

"Shimmer" - Fabiana Palladino

This ultra-lovable track has all the basics of a cool, 80s-inspired alt-pop joint — glistening synths, a subtle bassline, breathy vocals and an anti-establishment message. Listen out for the muted snares and glittery reverbs at the start of the song, establishing the little-known Paul Institute vocalist far ahead of the competition. Fabiana, sweetie, if you’re reading this, we need new music in 2020!

"So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth" (Art Mix) -  Grimes

If you haven’t developed a Grimes obsession after February’s Miss Anthropocene drop by Canada’s weirdest electro anti-pop McGill alumni, you’re not living. Claire Boucher, Vancouver’s very own Enya, describes the track as an ode to getting pregnant with genius-slash-ponzi-schemer, Elon Musk - and the ego death that comes with it. 

"Blood" - Prince Josh (ft. LA Timpa Yves Jarvis)

Don’t sleep on The 6ix’s Prince Josh. The producer, songwriter and DJ’s downtempo, instrumental hip-hop, interlaced with hypnotic sound and D&B stylings (2020’s hottest trend in music) is perfect for late night eats and drinks with friends via FaceTime.

"Norton Commander (All We Need)" - Men I Trust

MTL’s fave indie-pop band is at their best on Norton Commander (All We Need), a chill, bass-heavy track perfect for winding down with Emma Proulx’s vocals serenading you to sleep. What does the title mean? We’ll have to ask them over drinks at Le Ritz. 

"Gold Teeeth" - Blood Orange (ft. Project Pat, Gangsta BooTinashe)

Dev Hynes’ R&B brainchild, Blood Orange, wrapped up a big year in 2019 with the mixtape Angel’s Pulse, an eclectic, genre-defying collection of tracks that reminds you of your favourite early-00’s R&B. The collabs are where Blood Orange is at their best, with Gold Teeth being the tape’s magnum opus.

"DHL" - Frank Ocean

Frankie is in his prime on DHL, the low-key, chill vibe late night track about ramen noodles and a DHL package that’s coming soon. We need Frank Ocean raps. 

"12.38" - Childish Gambino

Thank God for Donald Glover’s haphazard 3.15.20 album drop, blowing the rest of March’s music releases out of the water. On "12.38", Gambino raps about a love interest that gives him some shrooms, using 3-Stack’s Vibrate under a sensual falsetto and some voice acting. The variegated track takes you on a journey that ends with trippy ad-libs and 21 Savage rapping about Lamborghini whippin’ and Popeyes chicken.

"Snowchild" - The Weeknd

Toronto’s MJ-esque R&B phenomenon blends 80s synths with R&B and catchy pop on his new drop, After Hours. On Snowchild, he talks about his journey to fame and his past life on the skreets of the 6ix. There’s some weird interlude with Bella Hadid that no one cares about. The futuristic, dream wave track is one of the best on the new drop, perfect for a chill weeknight at home.

"Sound of Rain" - Solange

You can’t have a late night playlist without a track from When I Get Home. Fight me on it. The slow, rat-tat-tat sound of "Sound of Rain" is perfect for washing away the pain of COVID-19. 

"LOYAL (Remix)" - PARTYNEXTDOOR (ft. DrakeBad Bunny)

This cutesy, tropical pop vibe of "LOYAL" finds the Mississauga singer with a new sense of sweetness, accompanied by fellow fuckboy 6ixer, Drizzy. And our little angel, Bad Bunny. If you don’t live under a rock, you’ve probably been saying “You’re my bEeEeEeEeEeSt friend” for the last few weeks.

"After Hours" - The Weeknd

The perfect after hours bop. Sex, drugs and melancholy — where Abel’s at his best. We don’t want to see you in a healthy relationship. Please give us painful, dark Glass Table music.

"Fukk Sleep" - A$AP Rocky (ft. FKA Twigs)

The run-of-the-mill trap beat on Fukk Sleep - off of Rocky’s mediocre 2018 drop, Testing - makes it one of the most catchy tracks on the album, made complete by FKA Twigs’ tittering, high-pitched ramblings. The video for this track finds the pair running wild through NYC, breaking into a bodega and a Chinatown store. If you’re up at 4 a.m., quarantined on a Wednesday with nothing to do, this track takes you there.

"Hold On, We're Going Home" -  Drake (ft. Majid Jordan)

Our baby daddy, our toxic, unstable but romantic ex, whining at his best on a track we all know and love. A cute reminder that If we just Stay Home™ and stay healthy, we can all get through this weird, apocalyptic reality.


The first track to PND’s new drop is the perfect outro for a late night music sesh, its dark hip-hop beat so easy on the ears that you almost forget about his low-key vocal chops. A quarantine track to remember.

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Lea Sabbah is a journalism student at Concordia Univeristy and a CJLO magazine writer.