Kill of Rights - Sign of the Crimes

What happens when former members of DBC (Dead Brian Cells), Countdown Zero/The Absurds, Jackboot & the Oppressors, Mister Monster, and Top Johnny come together in band form? Why none other than Montreal group Kill of Rights, which released their first album, Sign of the Crimes last month.

Full disclosure before I go further: Bassist Kiran has a show on CJLO (Beyond That Graveyard! III Fridays from 9PM-Midnight) and I know him personally. He is a good dude. In addition, Kill of Rights is playing CJLO's 2nd Metal Showcase coming up Wednesday, March 26th at 8:30PM at Katacombes. Let's see someone say that I don't have journalistic integrity now.

Anyway, let's talk turkey: What should you expect from this album, which you will clearly be getting after reading this stellar review?

This is a classic throwback thrash record, and kind of has all the pros and cons that go along with that title. It has great guitar work, drums, and vocals you might expect of a contemporary of bands like Anthrax, Overkill, or maybe some Testament. The bad thing about this fact is that you won't hear anything that is revolutionary and new. Sure you'll hear some influences of new stuff throw in, but it's more a garnish thrown in on the side than the main course. But, to continue upon this food analogy, you probably aren't ordering this dish because you're out to try a new exotic flavour. No, this dish is a meat and potatoes comfort food that, while you may have had countless variations before, you still feel very much at home consuming this.

It is however, a sound that I haven't quite heard in this new resurgence of thrash. Sure there's a ton of bands that are copying the sound of the 1980s and kind of updating it (Skeletonwitch, Holy Grail) and bands that have resurfaced to put out some new albums (Death Angel, Anvil) but neither of those groups really capture what this album is doing.

All in all, if you're a fan of thrash or speed metal you will most likely love the hell out of this album, and if you're looking for a throwback sound, this is also right up your alley.

If you want more info on the band, go to, and stop on by Katacombes Wednesday to check them out live.