Kid Congo Powers Interview on The Go-Go Radio Magic Show, live broadcast from Bar Le Ritz pdb: Friday 6-8pm

Tune in tomorrow night (Friday) for a special episode of The Go-Go Radio Magic Show (6-8pm), which will be coming to you live from Bar Le Ritz PDB (179 Jean Talon O.), in anticipation of The Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds show with The Adam Brown opening. Prince Palu and Oncle Ian will be getting your ears ready for a prime night of music and psychedelic shenanigans- bringing you interviews with Montreal's own Adam Brown and the legendary Kid Congo Powers himself (at 7pm). Kid Congo Powers (The Gun Club, The Cramps, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) returns with The Pink Monkey Birds, comprised of Kiki Solis (Baby Baby Dance With Me, Knife in The Water, Rhythm of Black Lines), drummer Ron Miller (Switch Hitter, Up The Academy) and recent addition: guitarist Mark Cisneros (Medications, Deathfix). CJLO is stoked to co-present with Blue Skies Turn Black. More information on tickets available here.

Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds are fresh off the release of their fourth album which was recorded in a high school gym in Kansas! “La Araña Es La Vida” is a self-produced effort for In The Red Records  and thematically "summons the Mexican muse of The Great Spider Goddess of Teoticuhan, who sprouts hallucinogenic morning glories and protects the underworld, or in Kid’s eyes, the world of underground music."

Tune into the The Go-Go Radio Magic Show tomorrow at 6pm, live from Bar Le Ritz PDB, & come on out and have a pint with us before Kid Congo and The Monkey Birds leave their mark on Montreal's musical wilderness- with no limits to this raucous fun, folks!