Kanestake’s first coronavirus cases, Apple faces lawsuit in China, Montreal cop suspended

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro 



Kanestake’s first coronavirus cases

The Kanestake Emergency Response Unit has announced the first COVID-19 cases in the community.

Five residents have tested positive.

With that, the Kanestake community will continue to ban large gatherings.

This comes as Quebec allows events with up to 250 people. 


Apple faces lawsuit in China

In other news, Apple is facing a lawsuit in China that could block all iPhone sales in that country. 

The 1.4 billion dollar lawsuit by a Chinese company alleges Apple’s Siri is too similar to a Chinese company’s virtual assistant. 

The Chinese company (Shanghai Zhizhen) only recently granted the patent.

This comes as tensions rise between the US and China’s tech counterparts. 


Montreal cop suspended 

A Montreal cop has been suspended for three days without pay for doing illegal activity, when trying to return a wallet.

Ghyslain Lavoie searched a person’s car before breaking into their home around 2 am. 

That person is a defence lawyer. The missing wallet belonged to his daughter.