Kaisha Lee on World Beat News: Tues Sept 1: Noon

Tuesday, Sept. 1 at Noon, World Beat News will have a special guest: Montreal reggae sensation: Kaisha Lee. Kaisha's album #IHeartReggae has been a chart-topper at CJLO, and she will do a live performance at CJLO's Live Broadcast Party at The Caribbean Curry House Oct 3 at 1pm as part of CJLO's Funding Drive.

Kaisha Lee is a brilliant singer, songwriter, and performing artist born in Canada from Jamaican parents, who captured our attention with her unique look, powerful voice, harmonious melodies and passion for her musical craft. She began playing piano at the age of 6 and was always hearing her dad sing tunes from their native Jamaica, music has always being in Kaisha's life and she gradually found her footing as an artist. It might have been destined then that, at 15, Kaisha (also known as Kaysha) began to nurture her voice through participation in gospel choirs. Eventually, she toured Canada, the U.S. and France with the Nathaniel Dett Chorale, received a Gemini Award as part of the Sharon Riley and Faith Chorale and performed at Barack Obama's inauguration. Kaisha's style of music is a natural fusion between reggae and soul-influenced R&B, Kaisha draws inspiration for her music from life's ups and downs to love and pain. She also works as a vocal and piano theory teacher giving lessons to the younger generation who yearn to pursue a career in music.