#JusticeforJoyce, Coronavirus update

Luca Caruso-Moro




“Justice for Joyce”

That was the message that brought thousands out onto the street on saturday.

The protest was called following the death of Joyce Echequan, an Atikamekw woman who died in a Joliette hospital after capturing video of nurses insulting her. 

Indigenous leaders say it's yet another example of systemic racism against indigenous people.

Quebec’s coroner says they will launch a public inquest into Echequan’s death.  

Coronavirus update

Premier Legault says new restrictions could be on the way for the provinces red zones.

The city of Montreal has extended its state of emergency for five more days after the province tallied thousands more cases of coronavirus over the weekend.

Canada’s top doctor is urging people to continue distancing measures even over thanksgiving holidays, especially in Quebec and Ontario.