June 7th from 6-8pm: The Commonwealth Conundrum hosts a live broadcast from Fringe HQ!

Tune into CJLO 1690AM on Wednesday from 6-8pm to hear a special Fringe preview live broadcast hosted by The Commonwealth Conundrum! Rebecca will interview a variety of production companies presenting shows at the St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival! Interview guests include Itinerant Tinker for The Passage, Dey Company/Dey Industries for Jumper's Wonderful Museum, Kaleidoscope Theatre for Captain Aurora II: A Superhero Musical Sequel, Grit' n Gusto for Messy Bitch, Becky Lou for Shake, Project X for Part I, Black Box Montreal Productions for Star Trek: Discovery, Thea Fitz-James for NAKED LADIES, Alias Patricia for Miranda & Dave Begin Again, Origin for Origin: A Story Through Song, Projet FEM for F E M, Little Black Rain Cloud Productions for Fridge Horror, Wolfinger Productions for The Making of "Warm Mess" and Acherontia Productions for A David Lynch Wet Dream!

Catch all the Fringe buzz- this Wednesday at 6pm!

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