Jazz Cartier @ Le Belmont, May 3rd 2017

On what was the tenth leg of his Secret Garden Tour sponsored by Red Bull, Jazz Cartier took over Le Belmont on May 3 and put on a performance that perfectly captured the high octane spirit of his music.

Although the show started an hour late, Jazz Cartier, J.I.D, and Levi Carter gave the sold-out crowd the madness they came for.

Anticipation grew as ticket holders waited patiently for Levi Carter to hit the stage. Luckily, once he did, all was forgiven. Relatively unknown, Carter won the crowd over within the first song of his set, thanks to his undeniable energy and catchy hooks. Carter’s command of the audience was most evident once he performed “You’re Not Gang,” he had just about everyone in the building yelling out, “Who are you!? You're Not Gang!”. Banger.

Dreamville newest member J.I.D was the second artist to hit the stage. If you know anything about J.I.D., you know he has no shortage of bars, and lucky for us, the man has clearly mastered the art of breath control. J.I.D never missed a single word—his voice cut through instrumentals like butter, making every bars as audible as an audiobook .

Shorty after, Jazz Cartier hit the stage. He came out to “100 Roses,” dressed in the finest of Fox Racing apparel, and the crowd went crazy, as they should. Cartier didn’t wear motocross gear for no reason—he took full advantage of Belmont’s infrastructure during his set. While performing “Red Alert,” not only did he demand the crowd make the biggest mosh pit possible, he did it while standing on top of the bar, his head just inches from the ceiling. Jazz could have stopped there—he could have easily came down the same way he got up—but instead he treated the lighting fixture like monkey bars and climbed over the crowd, and rapped while hanging upside down. I would not have believed this if I didn't see it with my own eyes! To say Jazz Cartier put his all into the performance is an understatement.

As the crowd dispersed at the end of his set, a general look of awe was on everyone’s faces, the sign of a job well done.


Image credit: Jazz Cartier Website.