International Clash Day Programming

CJLO is so excited to be partnering with KEXP for International Clash Day! Make sure to tune in to CJLO Wednesday, February 7th for a full day of programming dedicated to the influential English punk band The Clash. Here is the day's programming:



9:00 AM

This Is Radio Clash

Tune in for an exploration through The Clash’s discography, hosted by program director Allison O’Reilly. Expect to hear artist interviews, rare tracks and B-sides!

12:00 PM

Lost in the Interview Process

An audio documentary produced by program director Allison O’Reilly - tune in to hear interviews with CJLO members and diehard Clash fans. Hear stories on how they first got into The Clash, and their explanations for why the band has such lasting appeal.

1:00 PM

Talking Radical Radio

“Turning Towards Music of Protest and Resistance” - Talking Radical Radio’s Scott Neigh speaks with Teghan Barton of the Hillside Music Festival about the relationship between music and struggles for social justice and about this year's decision by the festival to highlight music of protest and resistance at a moment that calls for as much of both of those things as we can muster

1:30 PM

Talking Radical Radio

“When your City Hates Poor and Homeless People” - Talking Radical Radio, Scott Neigh speaks with Stephen Harrison and Ashley Mollison of Victoria, British Columbia. Harrison has been documenting the increasing use of physical measures meant to displace poor and homeless people and Mollison is a community organizer in struggles against displacement.

2:00 PM

Revolution Rock

An exploration of the reggae, rock, R&B and dub influences of The Clash.

3:00 PM

Midnight Jam

A journey through members of The Clash’s notable side projects. Hear a breakdown of tracks from Big Audio Dynamite, The Good The Bad & The Queen, The Mescaleros, and more.

4:00 PM

Covers Can’t Fail

An hour of Clash covers from notable artists and bands. Some may surprise you.

5:00 PM

The Clash - Live!

Tune in for a full recording of The Clash live at Boston’s Orpheum Theatre on September 7th, 1982.


Image credit: Rebecca Pirwitz of Eugene, OR.