Increase in blood donations, COVID-19 sparks fears of racist attacks, Concordia residence evictions

Hadassah Alencar




Increase in blood donations during virus pandemic

Legault asked Quebecers to donate blood on the COVID-19 update on Monday

A spokesperson for Héma-Québec said the number of daily blood donations decreased 75 per cent after people were asked to stay home last week.

Since Monday donations have bounced back to their goal of: 1000 per day.

Montreal's Korean consulate responds to stabbings

Montreal's Korean consulate issued a safety warning after two Korean men were stabbed in the city on Sunday.

The warning is due to broader concerns about coronavirus-related racism targeting canadians of asain descent.

The two men are in recovery and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Suddenly eviction notice for Concordia residence

Over 800 students at Concordia's three residences have been asked to evacuate their dorms.

And they’ve been given just four days to do it. 

According to the university, the order was made over health concerns about covid-19 on campus.

This included concerns on how social distancing is difficult to practice in a residence.