Hooked on Sonics salutes the start o' Ramadan with Brother Ali

What better way to say "Happy Ramadan" than with a special episode of Hooked on Sonics.  FINALLY...the much hyped Brother Ali CJLO session and Interview! In mid-April, Minneapolis MC Brother Ali dropped by the CJLO studios to record a session and sat down with Sonics host Omar Goodness to chat about life, religion, hip hop, and culture, among other things.  What resulted was a much talked-about interview at the station, and an overall amazing experience for everyone involved.  Tune in to hear the whole interview, two live performances, as well as a jaw dropping freestyle by Ali over Autolux's "Turnstile Blues".  It has to be heard to be believed...this one's gonna be a doozy, kids, and it'll be in time to get ya to Iftar!

Can't wait until Thursday? Watch "Tight Rope" performed live in the CJLO studios right now!