Hilary Homes of Amnesty International On Tomorrow's Edition Of New Media And Politics

On tomorrow morning's edition of New Media and Politics, host Karl Knox will be interviewing Hilary Homes of Amnesty International at about 9:30 AM -- They will be discussing Omar Khadr of whom Amnesty International writes:
"Omar Khadr, a Canadian citizen in Afghanistan, was taken into custody in July 2002 at the age of 15 after a firefight with U.S. forces in which a U.S. soldier, Sgt. Christopher Speer, was killed. Khadr was held in the U.S. airbase in Bagram, Afghanistan before being transferred to the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay in October 2002. He was first charged with conspiracy, murder, attempted murder and aiding the enemy in November 2005. After numerous false starts and delays his trial before a military commission in Guantanamo Bay began on 10 August 2010 before it was abruptly suspended because of the illness of Lt.- Col. Jackson on 12 August 2010.
The trial of Omar Khadr who was a child soldier at the time of the incident violates international human rights. And the military commission does not meet international standards for fair trials."
There are widespread reports that a last-minute plea agreement is near completion which have been confirmed by his lawyer. This would finally bring Omar Khadr’s many years of legal limbo to a conclusion  but it nonetheless arises out of the fundamentally flawed military commission process. At the same time, many other issues in this case would continue to remain unaddressed, including torture and ill-treatment, detention conditions, and his status as a child soldier.