Heavy Montreal 2016 preview

Heavy Montreal is on the horizon and we at CJLO will be covering it for another year.  In addition to doing a live broadcast from the grounds on Sunday, we thought we'd clue you in to what you chould check out while you're out there under the baking hot sun dressed all in black.  So here's what some of our DJs have picked for what hey want to go see:

Philiam - Host of Turn on the Darkness - Tuesdays from 2 - 3PM

The Dillinger Escape PlanIf you're into that weird math/prog/psychadelic rock, well than this band is for you. I have sadly missed out all the time when they were here, I've heard they're quite amazing live and they put on quite a show. This time I will make up for the lost times I have not seen them.

CarcassSo. Many. Good. Things. Grindcore band Carcass has been something on my list for quite some time, Since I first heard their debut record. I was totally hooked on their sound, though it has been a while since I have listened to it, this should be something to look forward too seeing everyone in circle pits and walls of death, don't get injured kids!

SabatonSabaton is a band I've listened too since grade 8, when I was first introduced to the art of war album I was amazed by the Melodic heavyness that Sabaton had, Unique writing style and talking about war and, well war things. I am still debating to catch their set or Attila';s set at the same time, though they will be returning in the fall with Trivium who sadly dropped. Will see when the time comes!

AttilaAttila is a band where they sadly have not been able to cross the boarder due to...... well their lead singer Fronz having a felony... Numerous times when they try to come to Canada they got denied, though hopefully this time around they filled out their paperwork and got things straight. The band caught my attention when they released the album About That Life, which seems to be a big joke, people were taking it too seriously and giving a bad rap because of how awful it is of an album,but seriously guys? Can you take a joke for what it is?

I, PrevailI saw these guys open for... Amaranthe and they were surprisingly good. They will be the first band playing on Sunday, so if you want to get you're dj-ent- d-d- d-d- d-d-djent-d- d-d- jen-t- d-d- d-djent, 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 10 0 6 0 0 0, d-d- d-d- d-djent- on totally go see these guys to wake you up!

Animals as leadersSince the first time I saw them in 2010 with Between the Buried and me I was about 16-17 years old discovering prog music for the first time, I was blown away from their performance, since then, I have followed the progression of Animals As Leaders and they've become such a powerhouse, and a lot of influence in other people's music, Tosin Abasi even invented that technique with his thumb which everyone tries to pull of.

MantarMantar has always been an interesting group in my opinion, since Andrew (our Program Director) suggested me their album, I was instantly hooked to their sound and style, they combine sludge and thrash, which is a very unique concept.

Blind GuardianBlind Guardian is a banda band I wanted to see since I listened to their album "At The Edge Of Time", Power Metal has always intrigued me with it's fantasy and mystical things like that since Lord Of The Rings, and I did not know that metal bands would use that type of material in their music, which is kind of cool.

CandlemassIt will be Candlemass's first time in Montreal, so I am looking forward to see how they sound going into their show and seeing them performed. Bare with me, I haven';t listened to any Candlemass so please don't be upset at me. My friends always recomeneded me Candlemass I never had time to get into them. Maybe this will be the time to do so.

Killswitch EngageKillswitch Engage are the type of band that you see thoughout the years that evolved into a monsterus band with their sound and style, since they've reunited with their old singer Jesse Leach, they've been leaning towards more old style of writing than what they had going for with Howard Jones which was a melodic death metal feel.


Orin - DJ for The Noisy Loft Sundays from 8 - 9PM

Skeletonwitch - a band that really brings an energy to a trend that died about a few years ago. Being one of the few bands that seems to have a consistently good catalogue of albums out of the retro-thrash phase that popped up in 2010-12, they are not to be missed.

The Dillinger Escape Plan - I've loved them since first hearing the opening notes to Milk Lizard. Why would I ever miss that?

Carcass - I am in the minority who hopes they play anything off Swan Song, but be damned I'll cross my fingers for "Rock the Vote". Or "corporal jigsore quandary".

Attila - This band is bad, and there isn't much about them to say. I however really want to watch how bad they can be. I hear they are all about that life.

Suicide Silence - They have a song that pre-dates the Drake song that is actually titled "You only live once". Their singer passed away after that album. I am a bad person.

Mastodon - I look forward to seeing Troy Sanders ever-graying beard riff some sweet bass. He is the wizard of bass tone, and maybe this time the sound system will actually be able to pick him up.

Blind Guardian - I was a 13 year old nerd who would jam out to Mirror Mirror and Battlefield too often NOT to see this band.

Nightwish - I actually discovered this band when I was very young and sifting through anime music videos in the early days of youtube. I have no shame in admitting this, and even less shame in admitting I'll watch the hell out of any of their goofy edgy songs (eg. "I wish I had an angel") or their needlessly epic ones (eg "Wishmaster" or "Gethsemane").

Five Finger Death Punch - I need to know what true awful is like. I must know the depth of musical depravity. I need to stare into the void... and pray it does not stare back into my soul.

Memphis May Fire - I wonder how their singer plans to make a fool of himself this time around. Will it be with pandering to pit-bros, or slut-shaming. You never know with this terrible band. Either way, I'll go until I give up hope of them ever playing anything off Sleepwalking (their only good album).

Killswitch Engage - I seem to be in the minority of people who though their last album was a bland vanilla pile of blegh. But I still look forward to seeing them live for the first time since I was 17 at Warped Tour. Maybe they'll play their Holy Diver cover. I can only hope their singer doesn't go on another subtle "all lives matter" rant, or I'll make it my goal to find him and vomit on him.

Suffocation - I want to see Frank Mullen do his blast beat hand gesture in person. I also want to see him try and pronounce "Quebec".

Andrew - Host of Grade A Explosives - Sundays 4 - 6PM
Mantar - A two piece band from Germany who is putting out sludgely awesome stuff.  Think Death From Above 1979 if they got super angry.  This will be their first time in Montreal and you should not miss it.

USA out of Vietnam - Montreal's favorite post-rock band with a good sense of fuzz has two great albums you should definitely check out, and after you do, you'll understand.

Dillinger Escpae Plan - If you haven't managed to catch a live show from these guys, you will not be disappointed.  Super high energy and sure to be a crowd favorite.

Carcass - A classic band who showed us with their hiatus breaking record Surgical Steel that they're still able to put out amazing work.  As if I need to tell you to go check them out.

Finally, a very special mention goes to Grimposium which will be doing event on August 4th and 5th in the city.  On the 4th they'll be doing all the intellectual stuff you crave with the academic symposium starting at the Faubourg (FG building) on Concordia's campus.  This year's topic is the intersection of psychoanalysis, media studies, and tourism management in extreme metal and will be going from noon until 2:30PM.  This is followed by a film screening and panels at the VA building on Concordia's campus starting at 7PM.  The film is "DEATH by Metal", a biopic about influencial Florida death metal band Death.  
Then on the 5th is a special show featuring Cardinal Wyrm, Vengeful, Vastum, who are doing their first Canadian show, and the mighty Misery Index at Katacombes.  Tickets are 25 bucks and more info about the show can be found here:


We'll see you at the fest.