Healthy kids must go to school, 70 schools with COVID-19, Quebec judge apologizes

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Healthy kids must go to school 

All children without a medical exemption need to go back to school. 

A Quebec judge has denied a request to have distanced learning options for children who didn't qualify for medical exemption.

A larger legal challenge against Quebec’s back-to-school plan is still in motion. 

It argues the plan violates parents’ charter rights. 

70 schools with COVID-19 cases, 50 pending validation

In other news, at least 70 schools have recorded at least one case of COVID-19. 

The provincial list reports a total of 118 cases at these schools. 

50 other schools are being accessed for cases of coronavirus. 

Quebec judge apologizes for asking woman to remove hijab

A Quebec judge has apologized for asking a woman to remove her hijab.

This apology comes 5 years after the fact. Back in 2015, the judge told the woman the court was a secular place and no religious symbols should be worn. 

The woman refused to remove her hijab and her legal case was suspended. 

The judge's comment and decision to drop her case reached national and international headlines. 

On September 8, the judge now says she was wrong.