Head of the Herd

If you are looking for some “modern blues, with a hell of an edge,” look no further than Head of the Herd. Even if you weren't looking for it, I suggest you check them out anyway! If you're lucky, you may have already heard the workin' man soul of Neu Mannas and Clayton Frank. They are a Vancouver based group that has been rising fast. After winning a well-known radio sponsored competition in Vancouver called Fox Seeds (CFOX 99.3) their debut single "By This Time Tomorrow" reached #1 on the national rock charts, scored Head of the Herd an opening spot on tour with Guns n' Roses, and was used by the NHL for one of it's oh-so-dramatic pre-show montages in the 2013 playoffs (hockey lovers, it's worth a re-watch). 

Currently on tour, I caught up with Neu to chat a bit about his history with Clayton and see how the tour has been progressing so far.

How did you meet?

We linked up during University through our girlfriends who were roommates.

How long have you two been playing together?

Clay and I went to Boise, Idaho to catch a college football game in 2010, and after about 24 hours in a pickup and a few boot mickeys at the game, we sorted out that we ought to start writing together.

What was the process like of getting the current band together (Kevin Webster-bass, Matty Carolei-drums, Brittany Willacy-keys/vocals) and how are you all adjusting?

We booked this tour and reached out to some folks we trusted, got in a room together, and it was a perfect fit. We're loving the lineup we've got on the road at the moment!

Have you travelled across Canada before?

We've flown out to Ontario a handful of times and ripped around there. Plenty in the West as well, but this is our first time driving right to Quebec and back.

Will it be your first visit to Montreal?

We did a Guns 'n' Roses date in Montreal this summer. Straight from the airport to the stage though, so we're looking forward to seeing the city a bit more this time. CHOM has been great about supporting both of the singles so we're looking forward to meeting those folks as well!

Favourite moment of the tour so far?

The crowd response has been overwhelming this whole run. Plenty of folks singing along to not just the new record, but our first as well. It's amazing, we're thrilled.

What advice could you give to other musicians about touring in Canada?

Enjoy yourself! It's a tough business we're in, but the time you've got on stage is an incredible opportunity no matter where you are. And take the time to meet your fans, you ain't shit without them! (and yes, that's a Lil' Wayne quote). 


--Sarah Stupar, CJLO Magazine


You can catch Head of the Herd with Glorious Sons on Sunday November 10th at Petit Campus. Their album

"By This Time Tomorrow" is available in-stores and online: http://www.headoftheherdmusic.com

Debut single “By This Time Tomorrow” featuring Jasmine Parkin of MotherMother: