Having troubles finding new music?

CJLO recently launched our own Spotify Account (@CJLO1690am) with tons of amazing playlists and ways to discover new and underground music!

Most notably, we have created a playlist called "New Montreal || Sounds from the Ground", which is updated on a weekly basis with music released by Montreal based artists in the past 3 months. If you see anything missing, shoot us an e-mail at promo@cjlo.com. As long as it's new, local and on spotify, we want it to be on there. Right now, there's over 8 hours of new/local music!

Beyond that we also have over 15 show-specific playlists ranging from Fukubukuro to The Limelight and a brand new Study Playlist called Dreaming with lots of ambient and soft tunes with little to no lyrics to help you crush those exams!

Whether you tune into CJLO online, through the airwaves, or check out our Spotify, you'll be sure to discover great music!