Guns, drugs, and cash found by police, More vaccines and variant testing in Montreal

Reporter: Shanellie Marie

Stories by: Luca Caruso Moro


Guns, Drugs, and cash found by police 

Montreal police recovered several guns, drugs and stolen goods in Montreal and Laval on Thursday. 

Officers carried out searches and fives arrests in the morning, finding the illegal materials and nearly $13,000 in cash. 

In an unrelated routine traffic stop on Monday, Montreal police recovered drugs and a sawed-off shotgun in a vehicle in Rosemont. 

Officers pulled the vehicle over after curfew that night. 

Police say the driver was moving along Papineau with their headlights off, according to CTV news.

The driver and passenger pulled into a gas station, where police made the stop..

Only to find cocaine, pot, and another unidentified substance.

The shotgun was discovered in a clothing bag. 

More vaccines and variant testing in Montreal 

In other news, Quebec's health minister Christian Dubé says he wants to screen every single Coronavirus infection in Montreal for new, potentially more contagious variants. 

This after Montreal public health announced there were potentially dozens of UK variant cases on the island. 

It's unclear if the province will be able to bump up testing to 100 per cent, the province has already invested $11 million dollars to do it. 

The minister also said he wants to increase vaccinations in the city, which continues to be the hotspot for the Coronavirus in Quebec. 

On friday, Montreal surpassed 100 thousand total cases since March. 

The same day, Quebec adminstered nearly 8,000 doses of the vaccine, for a total of over 270,000.