Graduate Students: We Did It! Thank You For Supporting CJLO!


WE DID IT! Thank you to all who voted and said YES to support CJLO & campus media. A huge thank you to all the CJLO members who helped spread the word and made this possible!


CJLO, Concordia University Radio is your voice on campus. Please support campus media by voting YES on April 6th, 7th & 8th.

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During this year's GSA elections CJLO is asking for the support of all grad students by voting yes to a 54-cent per-student, per-semester, fee levy (no more than $1.62 per year) to support college radio on campus. The fee levy is fully refundable.

Currently, CJLO is primarily funded by undergraduate students. As such, all undergrads enjoy full membership to CJLO at no cost. Graduate students are considered to be community members and have to pay a $15 membership fee to join. By voting yes to a graduate fee levy, CJLO will be not only be the voice of ALL Concordia students, but this modest contribution will also ensure that all graduate students can make use of the benefits and resources that CJLO has to offer at no cost. These include:

• Professional & free training & experience in:
    - Radio Broadcasting
    - Sound Engineering
    - News Writing & Production
    - Sales
    - Promotion & Marketing
    - Music Industry Relations

• On-Air time (between one and two hours) to produce and present a weekly radio program. We look specifically for shows and ideas that focus on the Concordia student body, current affairs, and the underground music scene, and are always looking for unique and diverse voices from around the world.

• Free advertising for Concordia University clubs & associations for:
    - Events
    - Recruitment
    - News

• In house production facilities and equipment resources for student projects.

• Event sponsorship, DJ services, assistance in event planning.

• Most importantly, a strong voice for all Concordia students, from Concordia students, and an alternative to the mainstream media in Montreal.




Here's what Grad Students have to say about CJLO:

“Besides being a graduate student in the department of Classics, Modern Languages, and Linguistics, I also host a weekly folk-rock show at CJLO.  Throughout the last year and a half, I have had various valuable opportunities at CJLO, including learning about the process of audio recording and production, interviewing musicians and filmmakers, as well as the opportunity to use CJLO as a promotional resource for activities put on by the Art of Living Club, of which I am also a member. Participating at the radio station has benefited me in expanding my range of skills, and expanding my network of like-minded students.”

-    Anna Chigogidze, Graduate Student, Department of Classics, Modern Languages, and Linguistics

“I am a graduate student in the department of psychology at Concordia University. As well, I have been a member of CJLO since 2002. Over the course of my studies at Concordia, I have been able to use the recording studio at CJLO to create audio clips that have been used as stimuli in my research projects. Renting a recording studio off campus can be costly, while the recording studio at CJLO is very convenient. The production crew at CJLO is extremely helpful; they assist in the setup of the studio and the recording process, all at no cost for members. This valuable on-campus resource saved my supervisor and I a lot of time and money. I strongly recommend that graduate students help support and take advantage of the professional facilities at CJLO.”

-    Nassim Tabri, Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

“To say that doing a graduate degree is “intense” is a bit of an understatement. Still, the definition does not really surprise anyone and certainly did not shock me -- I had anticipated intellectual and physical rigor before I entered the Master’s program in 2004. What I had not expected, however, was how solitary and isolating the experience could be.  I was fortunate to be part of CJLO Radio at the time.  Not only did the station provide great music as I typed papers into the wee hours of the morning, but volunteering at CJLO also gave me a necessary break from school work and helped balance my graduate experience.  I met a lot of cool people along the way, and I bonded over fellow grad students thanks to the station’s access to and promotion of indie music and local artists.”

-    Antonella Fratino, M.A. in English Literature (2004-2007).


Ballot Question

Do you agree to apply a fee levy of 54 cents per semester, applicable to GSA members, where the fee shall be used to ensure the growth and sustainability of CJLO, 1690 AM, Concordia University Radio? This fee shall ensure that all graduate students are eligible for full membership privileges including but not limited to broadcast training, on-air time, promotion support for student organized events, and production facilities and equipment resources for student projects. The fee would be effective starting with the fall semester of the 2010-2011 academic year and refundable in accordance with Concordia University tuition and refund policy.