Go Funk Yourself & Haze World Disco-Spectacular

Monday, February 15th, 2010, CJLO presents a groundbreaking live-to-air disco-spectacular from the stanky den of funkiness itself: Classi Assi's living room! Featuring Montreal's most super AND fantastic disco DJs alongside the charming DJ F.U.N.K., cavalier Steve (AKA Cosmic Steve), and sanitary Classi Assi, prepare yourself for an intimate aural experience that's gonna make you feel 100% cooler 60% of the time.

So go ahead, kick off those snow boots, whip up that sauve drink you like to impress all your hip and fashionable friends with, turn up the hi-fi, and start your cinq a sept at 4 for a change, cuz this is guaranteed to be the best monday you'll have for the week!

Don't miss Go Funk Yourself and Haze World live like you've never heard before! 4PM - 7PM Mondays only on CJLO 1690 am and online at cjlo.com.