Frost Children at La Sotterenea: An Energetic Double Header

Frost Children is a musical duo currently based in New York City. The act consists of siblings Angel and Lulu Prost, who both have solo music, but their collaborative efforts have brought them the most success. The siblings produce genre-bending music, with their newest album, Hearth Room, released in November of 2023. Hearth Room is a stark contrast to their prior work, demonstrating the duo's diversity and alternative indie sound. Their other 2023 album, SPEED RUN, features hyperpop, glitchcore, and techno tracks. Frost Children have stated that Skrillex and Alex G are some of their musical influences, showing the wide range of audiences to which their music may appeal. The opening two tracks on SPEED RUN contain an incredible transition between them, and I highly recommend listening with headphones. On February 6th, at La Sotterenea, Frost Children performed in Montreal.

Frost Children’s Double Headed Tour incorporates songs from both albums, giving spectators a concert that feels like two. Starting with songs from Hearth Room, Lulu, and Angel go offstage and change costumes, preparing everyone mentally for SPEED RUN. While they do that, a projector shows pictures of adorable dogs with the words “LETS F*CKING GO” repeated over and over. With their iconic songs from both albums and a couple of other classics, their show leaves the audience feeling extremely satisfied with the performance.

Frost Children's on-stage charisma and energy is evident in every song they perform. The crowd’s engagement was unlike any other concert I have been to. During one of their songs, the duo asked for two audience volunteers to play instruments alongside Angel, Lulu, and their drummer Eden Pacheco. In another song, “Fox Bop,” an audience member was brought on stage and sang alongside the duo, while everyone was dancing and having fun. Even on a Sunday night, Frost Children was able to entice everyone in the audience to accompany them on an emotional journey. Songs from Hearth Room, such as “Marigold” and “Oats From a Mug,” brought both tears and laughter. Songs from SPEED RUN such as “SERPENT” and “LET IT BE” generated an atmosphere of bouncing off the walls with dance. 

After seeing Frost Children as an opener for George Clanton in 2023, it was awesome to see how they formatted their show, and I highly recommend listening to their albums! They also have a remix of the song “Even It Out” by Fever Ray which is one of my favourite songs of all time.