Fringe 2019: CJLO's Top Picks

The CJLO Magazine crew will be hitting up all sorts Fringe Fest performances over the next two weeks. To get you ready for this year’s edition, here are some top picks from our contributors Erica, Chris, and Fiona!

Erica’s Picks

This year’s Fringe-For-All showcased so much incredible talent and so many hilarious, exciting, and intense shows that narrowing down my top picks is challenge. Here are a few that stuck by the end of the night.

L’appel du vide by rats?!

Natasha Perry-Fagant has been putting on award-winning Fringe shows for years now, and somehow I’ve missed all of them. This is probably because horror isn't really my scene. However, this feels like the year to branch out and try new things, and there is something about a grieving witch trying to find inner peace by ending the world that is strangely relatable.

Fairy Fails by Twinkles and Twirls

On a lighter note, Dot Dot Dot from House of Laureen will be telling the story of a fairy attempting to achieve the miracle of flight. I’ve seen their work in the past and it is always fun and adorable. I am expecting no different from such a delightful premise executed by such a talented performer.

The Carrot: Sex, Shit, Death by The Carrot Company

I am uncertain what this is about, but the two minutes they had at the Fringe-For-All was some of the hardest I laughed all night. It was a fabulous combination slapstick comedy and surrealist puppetry. And carrots. I am looking forward to finding out what it’s about.

Erica Bridgeman has covered the Montreal Fringe Festival for CJLO since 2016, and hosted the F Hole on CJLO 1690 AM from 2013 to 2017

Chris’ Picks


This show might be perfect for a metalhead and true crime fan like me. It tells the tale Elizabeth Bathory’s life, using dance and theatre. For those who don’t know, Bathory was a 16th century serial killer who would bathe in the blood of virgin girls to retain her youth. It would be interesting to see how it’s pulled off in a theatrical setting.

Is That How Clowns Keep You Up All Night?

I absolutely loved Ms. Bea Haven’s queer clown sex-ed show from last year’s Fringe. Her character was hilarious and adorable, and I actually learned more about safe sex and gender than I did in my high school sex-ed class. This year, Beatrice will be hosting a clown sex talk show. Audience participation is likely encouraged.

Zack Adams: Love Songs For Future Girl

Australia’s own Shane Adamczak is back in Montreal! Over the years, he injected the festival with a wild energy in a multitude of different zany shows. Adamczak’s absence was felt in last year’s edition, but I’m excited to see him return, and bring back a character he introduced in 2006, Zack Adams.

Chris Aitkens has covered the Montreal Fringe Festival since 2016 and hosts Sewer Spewer, Monday 12 to 1 p.m. on CJLO 1690 AM

Fiona’s Picks

Touche Pas À Mes Cheveux

I'm really interested in this play. The premise is that an African-American woman decides to create class to teach the general public that it is not okay to just touch black woman's hair, even if you're intrigued about the texture or how exotic it looks. While this one of the main subjects of the class, her plan is also to address other racist stereotypes or actions that are directed towards black woman. Although the production is covering a serious topic, it still finds a way to tell its story with a comedic edge.

House of Laureen Presents: MX. Queerdo MTL

With performers list fill with top Montreal drag queens, there is no way this show will have a dull moment. I'm excited to see what each act has planned and to get more acquainted with the Montreal drag scene. Created by Uma Ghad and a handful of other queens, we're in for a night of pageantry and weird drag. You definitely don't want to miss out!

Life Lessons Live Comedy Talk Show

They say comedy is the best medicine. Hosted by Keith Waterfield and Leighland Beckman, I'm sure I'll be caught off guard by some interesting stories and the jokes that will follow.

Fiona Harrison-Roberts is covering the Montreal Fringe Fest for the first time, and co-hosts Moonstruck, Tuesday from 5 to 6 p.m. on CJLO 1690 AM