Cabaret Abnormal is a mysterious showcase of Montreal’s sexiest burlesque and circus performers! Organized by Viva Diverse Productions, Cabaret Abnormal stars director and dark beauty Mikki Michelle, the madly alluring Magenta Haze, and the dangerously beautiful Tristan Ginger! With live jazz music by Elias Halwaji and The Continentals, Cabaret Abnormal quite literally steps out of the box to give you a give you a night of kooky, sexy fun!

Mikki Michelle, Magenta Haze, Tristan Ginger and special guest Natasha Nebula completely captivated the audience at The Wiggle Room. Every performance was more dangerous than the next, with Natasha bringing out a live snake for her show-stopping cameo! Natasha was gorgeous and courageous and had the entire audience at the edge of their seats during her snake dance.

Elias Halwaji was a talented singer and hilarious host, handling hecklers and maintaining the show’s smooth, sultry atmosphere between performances. Elias and The Continentals did an outstanding cover of Under Pressure as well as some of their own original songs. The Continentals were amusing and a pleasure to watch!

The mysterious and charming Mikki Michelle had amazing chemistry with her fellow artists. You could really see how much all of her performers adored and trusted her during each delightfully risky act! Mikki was a great hostess and it was wonderful to be able to see her legendary cabaret!

Magenta Haze was a bloody mess in the best way possible and had the cutest performances in the cabaret! It was so much fun to watch Magenta interact with audience members and gracefully dance around The Wiggle Room! Magenta looked innocent and saintly in her iconic blue veil.

And Tristan Ginger performed beautifully and gracefully, as always! Tristan always wears elegantly and wildly creative costumes for his performances. It was also deeply inspiring to watch Tristan challenge cultural and societal norms to create enchanting, breathtaking burlesque!

Cabaret Abnormal is an incredible showcase of Montreal’s best performers! Check it out from June 2nd to 17th at The Wiggle Room located at 3874 Blvd. St. Laurent, Montreal!

Patricia Petit Liang is part of CJLO’s Official Fringe Team covering the sights and sounds from the 2017 St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival. She also hosts Fatal Attraction every Thursday from 12pm – 1pm, only on 1690AM in Montreal and online at