Friday, March 25th 2016

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by Emeline Vidal

Montreal mayor Denis Coderre is denying recent comments associating the city's mosques with islamic fundamentalism.

In the wake of the Brussels attacks, The mayor of Quebec City has warned that Montreal mosques could be considered hotbeds of radicalization.

According to CBC News, mayor Coderre promptly dismissed the statement, and affirmed that radicalization takes place mainly on the internet.

Coderre also urged not to use the recent events to resort to racial profiling.

by Patricia petit Liang

Former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi has been acquitted of all charges following his sexual assault trial.

According to CTV News, Ghomeshi was accused of four counts of sexual assault and of choking someone.

Justice William Horkins made the decision on Thursday in a Toronto courthouse after more than a month in court.

Horkins claimed that there were issues concerning the credibility of the accusers and that the evidence suggested they did not seem as traumatized by Ghomeshi as they claimed to be.

by Catlin Spencer

Police in Belgium have made six arrests in relation to a major investigation into the attacks that hit Brussels on Tuesday.

According to BBC News, the identities of the suspects has not yet been released, nor their possible connection to the attacks that took 31 lives.

Early Thursday, Belgium admitted to making an error in ignoring warnings from Turkey last June over one of the suicide bombers, Brahim el-Bakraoui.

Both the Interior and Justice Ministers of Belgium offered to resign over the incident, but say the prime minister has refused to allow them.