Friday, April 29th 2016

Hosted by: Catlin Spencer
Stories by: Catlin Spencer, Emeline Vidal, Patricia Petit Liang
Produced by: Emeline Vidal

by Catlin Spencer

The owner of a new bar in Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-Grace borough is suing the city councillor for 100 000 dollars in defamation.
According to the Montreal Gazette, Peter Sergakis claims that Peter McQueen is attempting to destroy the western themed Jersey's Saloon.
McQueen suggested the community of NDG rally against the bar after video surfaced of a waitress in a bikini top was seen striking suggestive poses, saying it was ill suited for a neighbourhood full of young families. 
Sergakis, who is known for being very protective of his businesses, says some of McQueens comments are tentamount to calling him a pimp. 
by Emeline Vidal

A recent report finds that victims of domestic violence in Canada are crossing provincial borders to find help, but are often turned away as most shelters are full.

The National Post reports that according to the third annual Shelter Voices survey, 8 out of 10 shelters take in women from neighbouring provinces.

In 2015, 234 shelters had to turn away a total of 305 women and children in a single day due to lack of space.

Over the past 2 years, the federal government has allocated almost 90 million dollars to the building and renovation of domestic violence shelters, but critics worry that the money is not being spent equally across the country.

by Patricia Petit Liang

Airstrikes have killed 27 people in Syria’s city of Aleppo at a hospital affiliated with Doctors Without Borders, prompting the UN to call the situation in the city a catastrophe. 

According to BBC News, 30 people have died in other attacks across the country, nearly destroying the truce between Syria’s non-jihadist rebels and government forces.

Both the Syrian and United States governments are deploying troops into Syria in an attempt to intervene with the conflict.