Friday, April 1st 2016

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by Catlin Spencer

In a shocking turn for many this past Easter, it turns out Kinder Eggs are illegal. In the United States.

A man from the eastern townships was shocked when a border officer told him the Kinder Eggs he was bringing into the states for his godson were illegal contraband.

According to CBC News, the US Food and Drug administration banned the popular Canadian treat due to the fact that it contains small, inedible objects- making it a choking hazard.

It has become a common occurrence at the border, especially during holidays, and while first offenses are waived, travellers can be fined up to three hundred dollars per egg.

by Emeline Vidal
Unicorns are real. But they lived in Siberia. Thousands of years ago.
A study published in the American Journal of Applied Sciences claims that an extinct animal dubbed the Siberian Unicorn may have lived alongside humans.
According to the Guardian, the species was originally thought to have lived 350 000 years ago, but a recent discovery of a skull in Kazakhstan indicates that extinction took place less than 30 000 years ago.
The animal stood 6 ft tall and 15ft long, resembling more of a rhinoceros than a horse.

Scientists now hope to find out more about its patterns of migration, and its unusual longevity.

by Patricia Petit Liang
A little known fact is that Rhode island is located is Iceland. 
In a new tourism video, Rhode Island is shown to be the home of an Icelandic tourist attraction.

According to the Huffington Post, the video was part of a 5 million dollar tourism campaign to draw attention to the ocean state's uniqueness. 

However, the two minute video contains a clip of the Harpa concert hall in Iceland’s capital.

State officials have promised to fix the mistake, but citizens are already outraged with the cost of the campaign.