Friday, April 15th 2016

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by Catlin Spencer

The nurses union at the McGill University Health Centre is calling out budget cuts that it says will impact employees and care at the facility.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the Syndicat des Professionnelles en soins infirmiers et cardiorespiratoires du CUSM issued a statement Thursday saying that there is no clear explanation on how the budget cuts are being done.

President of the Syndicat, Denyse Joseph says the decisions appear to be based on cold calculations rather than quality of care.

However, the MUHC says the cuts were carefully weighed when decisions made and are confident that they will be able to offer the best quality care for patients.  

by Catlin Spencer
The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that non-status aboriginal and Metis people are considered Indians under Section 91 (24) of the 1867 Constitutional Act.

According to CBC News, under this new ruling, around 200, 000 Metis and 400, 000 non-status Indians are now under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

Without this distinction, Metis and non-status Indians lacked significant funding for programs, services and other benefits.

The ruling was unanimous, and ended a 17-year battle with its release on Thursday.

by Emeline Vidal

A magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Southern Japan Thursday night.

According to the BBC, at least nine people were killed and more than 250 people were injured in the quake.

Additionally, reports say that 16, 000 homes have been left without electricity and 38, 000 without gas.

Nearby nuclear reactors have not been affected, and no tsunami warning has been issued.

Rescue teams worked through the night, but their efforts have been delayed by aftershocks.