French exam suspended during pandemic, New symptoms for COVID appear, Help for seniors home

Stories: Luca Caruso-Moro

Reporter: Shanellie Marie




French exam suspended during pandemic

Quebec will allow nurses and doctors to work in the province even if they don’t speak French. 

CBC News reports Quebec’s language office has suspended the required French-language exam indefinitely as COVID-19 continues to push hospitals short of staff. 

In his Thursday address, Premier Legault pleaded with nurses and doctors who had completed their mandatory quarantines. 

"Please come back,” said the premier. “We need you.”  


New symptoms for COVID appear

Doctors may have discovered a new symptom of COVID-19. 

Lesions on the feet and hands have been linked to early symptoms in coronavirus patients. 


Help for seniors home

A seniors home in the town of Mont-Royal is welcoming dozens of healthcare workers after being hit hard by coronavirus. 

Nearly two thirds of residents in the Vigi-Montreal home have tested positive for the virus. 

CTV News reports communication with the home’s management fell apart as the virus spread. 

Health officials say they’ll work not only to limit the impact of coronavirus, but to ensure residents receive adequate care.