Financial aid deadline extended, Schools and daycares receive more funding, Workers split on returning to work, STM to hand out masks to staff

Stories: Luca Caruso Moro

Reporter: Shanellie Marie




Financial aid deadline extended

Ottawa has extended their wage subsidy program. 

The original deadline was for June 6th, with the Prime Minister saying a new deadline will be revealed in the coming days. 

Up to $847 of worker’s payroll have been paid for by the government under the program. 

Canadian unemployment continued to climb through April 

with a record loss of 2 million jobs.

That’s doubled from the already cavernous 1 million layoffs in March when non-essential businesses were forced to close across the country. 


Schools and daycares receive more funding

With a steady increase in positive coronavirus test results, Quebec is delaying plans to reopen schools and retail businesses. 

The province has pledged an additional $22 million for unsubsidized daycares, bringing the total to over $50 million. 

The fund is being increased to accommodate families gradually reentering the workforce. 

Schools and daycares are expected to reopen on May 25th. 


Workers split on returning to work

The Opinion among workers on whether or not to return is divided, however. 

A new poll from the Universite de Montreal found a nearly 50/50 split among workers on whether they’re ready to go back to work. 


STM to hand out masks to staff

The STM is expanding its service to accommodate the province’s reopening. 

The bus and train schedule is expected to resume to a full schedule, and cleaning will become more frequent. 

They’re asking riders to wear masks, and have vowed to hand out PPE to staff.