FEIST + Paso Mino @ Metropolis

By Christie Van der Burg - Black Tongue Radio - 01/17/2006

With nothing else but herself, Feist walked out on stage, no guitar, no back-up band. The chattering audience packed into the Metropolis, stopped and from then on could not help but to focus all attention on her. The crowd was captivated within the first few seconds, hooked through their dropped jaws and reeled in. An overwhelming amount of ambiance is portrayed with each note exiting her mouth. The calm mood of the show is similar to what is felt sitting around a campfire or a table at a dark, candlelight and smoky bar. Feist does not confine within one genre of music but incorporates various influences from funk, pop, jazz, punk and rock, fusing them together to produce utter essence. Her band joined her on and off throughout the show in a complementary fashion. Like the wand of a fairy godmother, they were a tool in which this singer could further provide her magic and done in good style. As with most Arts & Crafts bands, fellow friends came out to join the main act on stage: Paso Mino, the opening band who can normally be heard playing for Jason Colette, as well as some members of the Stills, specifically Liam O'Neil (the gentleman playing saxophone who can also be heard at Barfly every Thursday for Jazz Night). In doing this, the musicians clearly demonstrate how much they each sincerely enjoy playing music and entertaining a crowd. It would be difficult to find one who did not enjoy the Feist show; if and if one was to be discovered, I would say they have no comprehension of beauty, for she clearly demonstrates that beauty is not always a concrete object or image, but something which can be heard and felt through music.

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