Fantasia 2012 - Wrong

Wrong Film
Directed by Quentin Dupieux
Written by Quentin Dupieux
Cast Jack Plotnick, Steve Little, Eric Judor, William Fichner, Alexis Dziena
Produced by Gregory Bernard, Charles-Marie Anthonioz, Nicolas Lhermitte

If you have ever had a pet disappear, you have felt the panic that settles in. You call their name over and over, but they never come. You squeeze their favorite toy up in the air hoping they will hear it, but nothing. Our handsome and gentile leading man, Dolph (Jack Plotnick) has lost his dear canine, and he becomes so obsessed about finding the whereabouts of his beloved pooch. With advice from his bizarre neighbour, Dolph continues his daily routine in the hopes of becoming so distracted and that he stops thinking about his dog. In the end, Dolph concludes that his dog has been kidnapped and receives the help of a private detective (Steve Little).

Wrong is one of the most peculiar films I have seen in a long time! It is quirky and delirious. It grabs a hold of your brain and shakes it around a bit. It is perplexing, and you will probably ask yourself, "what the fuck is going on?" Nevertheless, the film is boundary-pushing and very complex with all these little subplots that intertwine, and writer/director Quentin Dupieux really spins the universe on its head.

The performances in this film stand out and are very memorable. Each character is freaking weird and has many layers to them. Once you start to unravel those layers, it just gets more and more bizarre. William Fichtner's performance as Master Chang is hilarious, and he delivers some great dialogue and lots of laughs.

Once this film reaches the "big crisis," the plot becomes more alluring, and the audience is dying to know what happened to that damn dog! I didn't want to look away and I wanted to know more.  Wrong is light and hilariously unique. It seemed a little long towards the end, but it all came together beautifully. Go and see this film if you like confusion and want to have your mind boggled. I guarantee that the discussion you have with friends after the end credits will be lengthy and intriguing.

-Andrea Boulet