Eternal Husbands interview/ contest: Wed, Oct 28 on Psychic City: 11am

Eternal Husbands are Rick Reid/Matt Leddy, both formerly of power-poppers The City Streets. They launch their new record 'French Exit' (on Clamour Records) this Wednesday, October 28 at Bar Le Ritz PDB (179 Jean Talon O.) with Caro Diaro & Birds of Paradise (presented by Blue Skies Turn Black, a CJLO co-presentation). "French Exit", which the band describes as "diverse, experimental fogpop" was recorded summer 2014 with Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver. Eternal Husbands will stop by Psychic City (at a special time) 11am Wednesday to chat with Abby about the new record, their upcoming show, and most likely, life in general!

Tune in at 5pm, for your chance to win Eternal Husbands tickets for you and a friend! It's as easy as texting CJLO (514-848-7471) your name and "Eternal Husbands" or emailing promo at that very info- between 11 am to 1pm Wednesday!

Catch Eternal Husbands, Caro Diaro, and Birds of Paradise at Bar Le Ritz PDB, doors at 8pm, Wednesday October 28, and get your tickets here!