Energy East pipeline, Gender Biased Violence, Co2 Emissions

Stories by Luca Caruso-Moro
Quebec will have no part in the Energy East pipeline. 
The newly proposed pipeline, which would transport unrefined oil from Alberta to New Brunswick for refinery, is being backed by New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs. 
The project was originally drafted to be built in late 2017, but it was trashed after the $16 billion  price tag was deemed too high for the oil market. 
Legault told reporters that pipelines are not a priority for his government on Thursday. 
The Liberals are doubling their spending to reduce gender-based violence across Canada.
The new $50 million pledge will fund 60 projects which support LGBTQ+, Indigenous and immigrant peoples. 
In 2018, global Co2 emissions have been higher than ever. 
The BBC crowns China as the biggest driver of the increase due to it's coal-based economy, while vehicle emissions rise around the world.
By the end of this year, 2018 emissions are projected to have increased 2.7 per cent from last year.
That's nearly double 2017's increase rate.