EMSB Investigation, Ontario Health Overhaul, Death Penalty for Canadian

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Hosted by Alexandre Denis

Stories by Luca Caruso-Moro and Alexandre Denis





The province is investigating the English Montreal School Board over alleged ethics violations and financial mismanagement.

According to Education Minister Jean-Francois Roberge these allegations have been reported for years.

The investigation has started despite the CAQ’s vow to abolish school boards to increase school’s autonomy.


The Ontario Premier Doug Ford is likely to overhaul the province’s health care governing bodies, according to a CBC investigation.

Currently, health care funding is managed by 14 health care coordination networks. After the possible overhaul, the responsibility would fall to only 5.

Those in favour say the shift will make contact between hospitals and the public smoother.


That’s the sound of Canadian Robert Lloyd Schellenberg being sentenced to death live on a Chinese television broadcast this week.

Schallenberg was found guilty of drug smuggling.

Trudeau expressed concern toward what he considers an an arbitrary use of the death penalty.