Emails reveal online opt-out talks started before consultation, Concordia to move fall courses online, McGill petitions for tuition reduction

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Emails reveal online opt-out talks started before consultation

Released emails reveal CSU General Coordinator Christopher Kalafatidis began talks with the university on online opt-outs before consulting fee levy groups.That goes against the referendum held last year to bring opt-outs online.Kalafatidis says he was acting in good faith, and that he was trying to familiarize the administration with the referendum question. For more on this story, click here

Concordia expected to move fall courses online

CTV News reported Concordia students won’t be returning to campus any time soon. 

Concordia is expected to continue online courses into September, and as of Wednesday evening has not made any announcements.

A Concordia University spokesperson told CJLO news details involving the online change are still being decided. An official announcement by the university will come soon.

Some hurdles the administration will face is making changes to courses that require hands-on learning such as biology labs or sculpture classes.

McGill petitions for tuition reduction

McGill announced they’re only offering online courses in September back in March. 

A petition with 300 signatures is circulating demanding a partial refund in tuition for winter classes which were interrupted.

As of now, McGill is not offering compensation for the winter semester.