Doom 'an Blue Premiere track on CJLO

Montreal duo Doom 'an Blue stopped by Grade A Explosives June 23 to world priemire a new song, and now they want you to be able to listen to it on CJLO. Check out "Two Bit Son of a Bitch" or TBSOB for short and listen to the "surf meets dinosaur" of Doom 'an Blue.

And while you're listening, why not check out their Facebook page to get all the latest news on the band and see where they're playing near you:

EDIT: Oh, and in case you missed their interview, check out the show here:


Doom ‘An Blue is:

Jimmy Antle - Drums
Lee Whiskey - Guitar

Music copyright of DABDecibels
Recorded by Pavlo Haikalis at PHG Custom Guitars & Recording

Management and booking:

Band logo by Cíntia:

Logo design by Andrea Girard :