I'm a 63 old very pissed off hippie (unicorn), who never once voted for the tax cutters and the heartless assholes that have spent the last 40 years destroying the social safety net. My show highlights corporate media lies, spin, bullshit, malfeasance, whoring, and other crimes against humanity. And I play great jazz in between segments. Listen to Your Media Sucks every Monday at 8AM.

Hi, its Mnjivr, I’m a photographer, industrial drafter, aircraft tech, music lover, record collector and DJ. As you can see, I wear many hats! I’ve been having fun at CJLO for a good 10 years. Now, I host AutoBeat every Sunday at 3PM.

On any given Sunday, you may catch me playing the latest House, grimey beats and left-field noise. A mixed bag of sounds, never one to stick to a style or genre but always pushing local artists because you know we’re in Montreal after all, there’s no shortage of talent in this city.