Ever wondered who exactly was behind your favourite show on CJLO? CJLO 1690 AM presents DJ Spotlight, a brand new series aiming to connect the station's DJs to the public. All the DJs answer the same fixed questions—meaning it's up to them to make their answers worth your while. For the second instalment of the series, we introduce you Genaro PC, host of The Cornice Crow.

Picture The Rock minus all the muscle situation and sitting on a DJ booth. That's what I look like every Sunday.

What is your show on CJLO?

The Cornice Crow presents all things folk from the Maritimes to the Pacific Coast. The idea is to discover local talent and bring their music to light, all while examining what folk music means to today's youth and how it translates itself in this wonderful country of ours. It's also bilingual!

What’s the best thing about hosting your show?

Talking to different people from all over the country! Not just musicians, but everyone involved in the process (bookers, managers, other DJs, etc.) I think it's great to have many different perspectives on one single topic.

What was the first LP/cassette that you bought with your own money?

Santana’s Supernatural.

Which album has left the greatest impact on you?

(Sigh) Too many to choose from! Although in recent times I'd have to go with Sufjan Stevens' Illinoise. It has a throwback feel to it: it's a really pleasant record to listen to, and musically speaking, it's daring with its complex arrangements and simple production. A bit ahead of its time… it always takes me to a happy place.

Best show of your life?

I've had a lot great interviews on air with local bands! Some guests really get into it and we're able to dissect their whole approach as much as time permits. Those are some cool moments.

…What about the worst?

Hmmm… Anytime a guest cancels last minute or shows up late and unprepared is the worst. Note: DJs take that personally when it happens—you might never hear from us again.

What do you collect?

Bus tickets from every city I visit.

Favourite food?

Onion soup.

Any famous last words?

Meme addiction is a real thing. For when the hotlines?!

Don't miss The Cornice Crow, every Sunday at 10 AM, only on CJLO!