For this week's DJ Spotlight, get to know the people behind The Garage and The Rest Of Us!

Hi! I’m Sylvain Verstricht. I’m obsessed with the arts and like to dive deep into one medium before moving on to the next. I’ve worked in television, made videos, done a master’s in film studies, published short stories, and now work in contemporary dance. I’ve been doing community radio for 6 years. On my show The Rest of Us, I play new pop songs that prove how underrated the genre is. Don’t let that fool you though; you’re more likely to see me at a punk or metal show. Tune in every Tuesday at 7PM!


Hey! I’m Cole, 1/2 of In The Garage, a show about discussing music and sharing anecdotes to themed weekly playlists. When I’m not groovin’ to tunes at the station, you can likely find me drinking excessive amounts of coffee or watching a good film (though the two are not mutually exclusive). If you’re at all interested in indie and alternative, come hang with my co-host Matt and I on Monday nights from 10-11 pm!